Our favourite linen detergents for you, the planet and your clothes!

Our favourite linen detergents for you, the planet and your clothes!

Linen is such a great sustainable fabric, and many think that it requires a special washing powder or detergent as it is essentially made direct from a plant. We know you may be worrying about your linen being too delicate, however, unlike wool and silk that requires special detergents, linen is quite hardy, and as long as your regular detergent isn’t too strong, it’s fine to use a little in your linen wash (always at a cool temperature!).

Yes, as we have learnt we can machine wash linen, but it’s extremely important to use the lightest and most gentle cycle.  Also, each one of our garments is different - so always check each individual piece for the exact washing instructions. 

Our first tip is to make sure that you do not over pack your machine, it's best if all your clothing pieces can rotate freely when washing.

Our second tip, thanks to the feedback from our wonderful clients, is that if any of your linen clothing is marked or stained, to sprinkle some baking soda on the area, followed by a small amount of white vinegar, and leave to soak before washing as normal.

Apart from that we have two absolute favourites for go-to detergents. Australian made, all natural, grey water safe we love Simplyclean Lemon Myrtle Laundry Liquid (Front & Top) - 1 litre


Our second favourite is New Zealand brand EcoStore, made from all plant based products, with no synthetic fragrances Peony & Rose Laundry Liquid | ecostore AU


Lastly, the most important tip of all is that while we take so much care to provide such a lovely sustainable fabric, made with care in Italy by ladies we have met and know well, to really try and clean your linen in non-harsh environmentally friendly products.  That way you are not only wearing beautiful clothes which are breathable and great to have close to your skin, but you are also laundering them the best way possible.

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