100% linen is best washed in warm water by hand or on a gentle machine wash. Use a mild detergent to safeguard against fading of colours and shrinkage.

Do not dry clean. 

Linen muslin and linen weave are extremely delicate fabrics that have no stretch ability. Due to the sensitive nature of the fabric, linen muslin and linen weave should be hand washed in cool/warm water using a mild detergent to help preserve the colour and safeguard against shrinkage. 

Before washing all garments, always be vigilant about separating your colours and make sure that any other items in your washing machine have similar weight and washing instructions.  

When hand washing your garments please do not wring, twist or scrub the fabric as this can cause abrasion or stretching and can damage the garment.

Linen should be dried in the shade.  You can dry your linen in the dryer on cool setting, removing it while it is still a little damp. Lay flat until fully dry.

Over drying linen will make it feel stiff.  Drying on hangers or with pegs can cause marks on the fabric and cause the garment to go out of shape.

If you feel the need to iron your linen, we suggest you iron your garment while still slightly damp.  Alternatively use lots of steam.  If creases are stubborn, try ironing both sides of the fabric.  In the case of dark coloured linen clothing, iron inside out to avoid a shiny appearance.


IN THE SAC Products

Your linen sheets can be as fuss free as you wish. Washing is as much about giving them a drink and revitalizing the linen yarns, as it is about keeping them clean.

Gentle machine wash them as normal and if you’re not too keen on ironing, let gravity do the work for you by laying them flat or hang them over a line straight from the machine.

They can be tumble dried on a low heat, and are dry-cleanable. We never iron our linen sheets as we love their natural feel and appearance after a wash, but if you want to, the linen setting on your iron will do the job.

We have produced our pure linen with pleasure in mind, not hard work and by caring for them in this simple manner they have been designed to bring you hours of laid-back luxury in bed.